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The Push into France's Heart
A Photo Pictorial of the 1st Gebirgsjäger Div. in France.

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Trench (75kb)
Rest up (77kb)
Guarded Sleep (81kb)
Mules and Sleepers (88kb)
Papers Please! (69kb)
Rifle Grenade (48kb)
Rest Up (71kb)
Mule Train (71kb)
Map Study (93kb)
Wasser Break (77kb)
Feldpost Brief (41kb)
Grave Marker (84kb)
Incoming Message! (81kb)
The wait...(74kb)
Cheerful MG34 gunner (71kb)
Pioniers (66kb)
Mule swim (76kb) Bridge march past (85kb) Advance probe (73kb)

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