Jäger Kopold Title
Service in the Wehrmacht 
1937 - Activation of the 1. Gebirgs-Division 

 On 1st November 1937 Gabriel Kopold was drafted into the ever growing Wehrmacht.  
He entered Gebirgs-Jäger-Regiment 98 which had been formed on the 1st October 1937 in Mittenwald in the Bavarian Alps. On the same date the 1. Gebirgs-Division was formed with its divisional headquarters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  
After basic military training, Gabriel Kopold served in the 12./Geb.Jäg.Rgt. 98 (12th Coy. of Gebirgs-Jäger-Regiment 98) the 12th Coy. belonged to III. Battalion (3rd Battalion).  
 III. Battalion was garrisoned in Mittenwald as was the Stab Gebirgs-Jäger-Regiment 98 (Regimental Headquarters). Commander of the the 1. Gebirgs-Division was at that time Generalmajor Kübler. Gebirgs-Jäger-Regiment 98 was commanded by Oberstleutnant Schörner who towards the end of the war would become Generalfeldmarschall and Oberbefehlshaber Heeresgruppe Mitte (Supreme Commander of Army Group Center) or what remained of that Army Group. 

 III. Battalion / Gebirgs-Jäger-Regiment 98 was commanded by Oberstleutnant Picker, who, after promotion to the rank of a Oberst (Colonel), would become commander of the Regiment.

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